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About Us

Discover the Origin of Agua Divina

Agua Divina is a top quality water that comes from the natural spring water of the Tehuacán Region that consists of several subway water streams that have been carved over time from rainfall and thaws from Citlaltépetl.


Our focus is to maintain the purity of the water and its natural minerals while keeping the authentic flavor of Mexico. We are passionate about bringing the best of Tehuacan's natural resources to our customers. Our goal is to form a beautiful community of people who appreciate quality and want to enjoy the benefits of this pure and refreshing mineral water.

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Of Natural Origin

Agua Divina comes from the municipality that belongs to the basin in Papaloapan, Mexico. It is watered by the currents coming from the mountains surrounding the Tehuacán Valley, up to 2,950 meters above sea level in a green area, of great beauty and free of all contamination. The Agua Divina spring gushes directly from the bowels of the earth, after a slow underground journey through volcanic rocks that act as a natural filter, a light and balanced natural mineral water.

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